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About Cindy's Creative Corner

Cindy's Creative Corner I started painting in acrylics in 2015. I was introduced to painting by an art therapist and find painting very relaxing. I work full-time, so I don't have as much time to spend painting as I'd like. I enjoy painting animals (usually just the heads) and abstract-type pieces most. I am also a digital art/AI art creator, sharing many of those creations here. If you enjoy any of my work, please favorite, comment, and/or share. My husband (Ken Newby) loves photography and using his 3D printer. I will be sharing his photos (he has given me permission to), under my account. It's easier to manage one account than two. I will use his name as the artist when his art is submitted. If I could change the name on my account to include us both, I would. I appreciate any encouraging or constructive criticism, comments, likes or follows. If you comment or follow, I will do the same for you. I believe in artists supporting each other no matter our technique. Some do not consider AI-generated images Art. To me, Art is Art. It doesn't matter what tool is used. It takes a person to create the AI images just as it does with traditional mediums. I have always been a strong technical, analytical, and creative person; thus, I love computers. I'm on one pretty much all day long. I'm glad I found AI art. Some artists say it's not 'my' art, or it's not creative, but it is. I use my own words; sometimes, I use words from the poems I write myself. Is literature art? To me, it is. Typing prompts is a skill and an art; it's not just punching anything in. There is a structure to how the prompt must be entered to create what I see in my mind. I do some acrylic painting, but I get so frustrated because I can't get it to look like what I see in my mind; with AI, I can. For many of my AI pieces, I still have to download another program to tweak it or use the in-painting option in my AI program. It takes an eye for detail, creativity, and skill to work these programs to make them presentable. I believe AI is helping me improve my traditional acrylic painting, too. My husband says art is art, and no one can determine what art is or isn't. My friends have told me I've found my 'art niche,' they love seeing what I create using AI. All traditional artists use the tools of paint, brushes, and canvas. AI artists use technology as their tool(s). Traditional artists usually have a reference, which, a lot of times, was created by someone else. I create my references. I use some of my AI-generated work to paint in acrylic on canvas or canvas boards. The rest of my acrylic painting is what I see in my mind or photos I have taken. What is digital art? Digital art is any artwork that draws upon digital technology as an essential part of its creative process. It encompasses a wide range of techniques, from digital drawings, paintings, and illustrations to photos, videos, and even sculpture. What is AI? AI is digital art. If you have never considered AI an art form, I ask you to reconsider. Ask yourself what art is. Does it matter if it's painted or digital? (Remember that most traditional paintings sold on art sites are digital.) They have to be to be put on merchandise). I work on my artwork as much, if not more as a lot of traditional artists. I want my art to impact people positively and hope it does, whether it's my AI work or my traditional acrylic painting. You will not be fooled in my gallery as I have marked what is AI-generated and what isn't. I do not use other artists' names or their styles in my AI text prompts.